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Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaner furniture, healthier space

Daily use can turn chairs and sofas into breeding grounds for stains, dust, dirt and allergens. Without proper care, your furniture will begin to deteriorate in appearance and comfort. Even worse, shabby furniture will literally begin to fall apart at the seams. Our highly-trained, specially-equipped furniture cleaning experts in Manhattan won't let that happen to you. 

We offer Manhattan full-service upholstery cleaning that brings back the good looks and comfort of even heavily-used furniture. We know you care about the condition of your furniture, so we're committed to giving it the best of care. 

An individual clean for all fabrics

We use only completely-organic, 100%-green cleaning products when we clean your furniture. These products clean thoroughly, while also protecting the health of people, pets and the environment. 

Our skilled technicians know how to safely clean fabrics of-all-kinds without damage. Whether your upholstery is made of cotton, silk or leather, it will receive the best of care from our furniture cleaning professionals. 

We can make your furniture cleaner and more appealing. Talk to us today for more information about our complete, professional furniture cleaning services in Manhattan. 

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