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A cleaner couch for a healthier space

Your "time-out" sofa or armchair is easy prey to stains, dirt and allergens from regular use. Without professional care, your upholstered furniture can become unattractive, unhealthy, and uncomfortable. It will start to show use and wear, and could even rip and tear at the seams. We're the source in Manhattan and NYC for first-call, affordably-priced upholstery cleaning. We have the knowledge to restore the appearance of even the dirtiest sofa or armchair. We know the special comfort of upholstered furniture and can return it to you ready for more rest and relaxation.  

You'll relax better in clean furniture

We use only completely-organic cleaning solutions on upholstered furniture. These solutions put an end to stains, dirt and allergens as they protect your family's health, your upholstery fabric, and the Earth itself. 

Our highly-trained, professionally-equipped upholstery teams give all fabrics and textiles the best of care. Our technicians can completely and safely clean fabric without damage to its look or texture, whether your upholstery is cotton, silk, leather, micro-fiber, or even suede. 

We can make your favorite spot on a sofa or chair clean, comfortable and healthy again. Call us today for complete information about furniture cleaning in Manhattan.

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