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We help your leather last longer

Leather furniture needs special care when it is cleaned. We offer expert leather cleaning services in Manhattan for this dramatic upholstered furniture. We maintain a special staff of experts with the skills to keep leather furniture beautiful. This special care can considerably extend the lifespan of your furniture. 

Take a close look at your leather sofa

Leather is a natural material and reacts strongly to pollutants, sunlight and heat. Over-exposure can lead to it becoming flaky or dry. Everyday use by people and pets can also damage it and reduce its strength and appearance.

Our skilled, knowledgeable technicians use only the finest equipment and only non-toxic cleaning products to clean leather furniture. These special products clean and moisturize your furniture and help protect your family, your pets and the environment. It also leaves your furniture with a deep, healthy clean free of any remaining residue. We finish all our leather cleaning jobs by applying conditioners that leave your furniture supple and shiny. They also create add extra protection against environmental damage and other threats.

We offer the finest in professional, courteous leather furniture cleaning in Manhattan. Call us to learn more about our unique leather cleaning service in NYC. 

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