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Sofa Cleaning

New Beauty for an Older Sofa

Your furniture can last far longer with regular professional cleaning. In Manhattan, we're the number-one source for professional cleaning of any kind of sofa, including sectionals, couches, love seats and ottomans. We can even clean your slipcovers.

Reverse Wear and Tear 

Look no further than our cleaning services to help maintain your upholstered sofa. When we're done, it will look fresh and clean for years to come. That's because we use a deep furniture cleaning method that cleans and refreshes your upholstery. In fact, it not only transforms the look of your sofa, but your entire home

We employ only highly-trained, professionally-equipped technicians who deliver quality results every time. They gently handle all of your furniture as they completely clear it of stains, dirt, and dust.

We offer top-quality, affordable sofa cleaning in Manhattan. Talk to us today for complete information. 

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